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A WordPress Admin utility designed for speed

Screenshot of OrganizeWP

Why? Because the WordPress Admin is a Mess!

The Admin Menu has become a battleground for attention, especially with content types. OrganizeWP rethinks content organization in the WordPress Admin.

What does OrganizeWP do, exactly?

OrganizeWP collects your content types (e.g. Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types) into a single Admin Menu entry and makes editing content fast.

  • Instant global search across all post types
  • Instant switching between all post types
  • Contextual actions for each entry
  • Collapsible hierarchy (when applicable)
  • Content groups to organize standalone content
  • More features…

Does OrganizeWP do anything weird? Proprietary?

No way! OrganizeWP is an interface built on top of core WordPress functionality. OrganizeWP makes working with that core functionality exponentially faster without adding anything proprietary.

OrganizeWP works by automating WordPress’ core concept of menu_order to facilitate sorting of entries. It uses a taxonomy for Groups. Deactivating OrganizeWP restores all of WordPress’ core functionality. Easy peasy!

Where can I ask another question?

OrganizeWP is currently in an open beta, please ask any other questions and I’m happy to follow up! 👍

OrganizeWP Features

A new interface to make content editing in WordPress a breeze!

Collect post types into a single Content view, make standalone content Groups

Streamlined entry actions and information, instantly available

Screenshot of OrganizeWP

Instant, global, fuzzy search across all post types

Screenshot of OrganizeWP search

Bulk content creation makes scaffolding fast

OrganizeWP bulk add content

Refined access to taxonomies and WP core functionality

OrganizeWP post type actions