A new & improved way to navigate the WordPress Admin Area!

The WordPress Admin can be overwhelming and frustrating!

OrganizeWP saves money, time, & frustration by reorganizing content in the WordPress admin.

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How OrganizeWP fixes the WordPress Admin

Drag & Drop sorting of all entries!

Ordering many pieces of content quickly is awkward and slow. With OrganizeWP you can easily sort your existing content with a simple drag and drop. Any post type, any time, all on one screen!

Standalone and landing page organization

No more landing pages mixed in with your site content. OrganizeWP separates them from your main site structure into customizable containers, preventing clutter & allowing you to use great URLs!

Globally (and instantly!) search your content

Instead of scouring through various post types trying to find an entry to edit, use OrganizeWP to instantly search it all on one screen. No more scouring for content to edit!

Manageable post type and taxonomies

Don't fiddle with code to wrangle custom post types or taxnomies. OrganizeWP has optimized its interface to quickly register and customize post types and taxonomies in seconds, no code required!

Declutter your WordPress Admin, instantly!

Be empowered when editing your content instead of feeling lost, spend more time on more important things. Get organized today!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the system requirements?

OrganizeWP follows WordPress’ Requirements except for the minimum supported version of PHP; OrganizeWP requires PHP 5.4+.

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Is my theme supported?

Yes! OrganizeWP was built to work with any theme and any plugin you may be using.

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Will my filters and columns continue to work?

OrganizeWP aims to remove clutter and streamline the content management process. As a result only entry titles and relevant actions (e.g. View, Edit) are displayed for each entry. The filters and columns displayed on standard WordPress post listing screens (e.g. Category filter, Author column, etc) are not displayed in OrganizeWP, but you can always visit those standard post listing screens for access.

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What changes are made to my site?

OrganizeWP utilizes the menu_order property available to all posts. Sorting entries with OrganizeWP will alter applicable menu_order properties.

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How do I receive support? How do updates work?

An active license entitles you to support and updates of OrganizeWP. Support is available within your Account. By entering your license key on the Settings page within OrganizeWP you will receive automatic updates as they are available, as it is with plugins you have installed from wordpress.org.

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How do development and staging sites work with the license?

Development and staging sites are exempt from the site limit for a license. There is some automatic detection built in for development and staging sites, but you can always open a support ticket to have additional development/staging sites added to your license.