Documentation Overview

OrganizeWP is a WordPress Admin utility designed from the ground up to make editing content more streamlined and less confusing. It is an opinionated baseline platform you can customize in many ways that make sense for the editors of your site.

Core Tenets – Abridged

  • OrganizeWP is designed and built to make content editing as fast as possible.
  • OrganizeWP is not designed to replace the standard WordPress Admin list tables.
  • OrganizeWP is not designed to facilitate every possible combination of content editing operations.
  • OrganizeWP is an opinionated baseline focused on speed and facilitation of customization.

Core Tenets – Expanded

There’s no denying that the WordPress Admin area is one of its strongest features. It’s a solid platform upon which endless customizations can be implemented. The problem is: that’s exactly what happened.

Out of the box the list table view is powerful and comprehensive. It’s also primed for custom features, and just about every plugin uses that area to put its feature(s) front and center, even when unnecessary. OrganizeWP aims to take back that part of the editing experience and allow you to expand upon an opinionated baseline in only the way(s) you see fit.

The opinionated baseline implements an interface that collects public facing post types (i.e. the content your site visitors are reading) into a single page in the WordPress Admin:

Screenshot of OrganizeWP

This opinionated baseline incorporates a few main features that make content editing faster:

  • Instant toggle between Post Types
  • Global search across all Post Types
  • Collapsible tree view
  • Drag and drop (and manual) sorting
  • Content Groups to help stay organized
  • Smart Groups to facilitate content surfacing