Entry Panel

The Entry Panel is displayed when clicking the More button next to an entry Title. Its job is to provide detailed information and actions for the associated entry. By default there are:

  • Links to Edit, View/Preview, and Trash
  • Any properly registered Row Actions
  • Author
  • Publish Date

The Entry Panel is fully customizable, and you can disable the default Panel Panes like so:

Create Custom Entry Panel Panes

The Entry Panel is composed of any number of Panes. Each Pane has a collection of Pane Items. This layered structure allows you to build out any combination and display of information in any way you see fit.

In a quick example we can append the Comments count to the Entry Panel:

Screenshot of custom Entry Panel Pane Item in OrganizeWP

To create a completely custom Entry Panel Pane with custom Pane Items we start with first building our Entry Panel Pane Item, which is the actual output we see.

This Entry Panel Pane Item is quite simple; it outputs the comment count for the current entry. The markup returned by the render() method can be as simple or complex as you’d like.

With the Entry Panel Pane Item built, we can now create the Entry Panel Pane that is going to contain this Entry Panel Pane Item. (Entry Panel Panes can contain any number of individual Entry Panel Pane Items!)

Note that on line 12 of this snippet we are adding the Entry Panel Pane Item we created in the previous snippet. You can add any number of individual Entry Panel Pane Items which facilitates quite a bit of agility when it comes to customizing the Entry Panel!

With the Entry Panel Pane created, and the Entry Panel Pane Item that outputs our comment count, we can now tell OrganizeWP to include our custom Entry Panel Pane when displaying the Entry Panel itself:

OrganizeWP’s Entry Panel is extremely powerful, and it can be customized to meet the needs of your editors in many ways!