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Available since: 1.0


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OrganizeWP exposes a user interface to customize the majority of Taxonomy registration parameters. You can use this hook to customize those registration parameters.

Example: To customize the Taxonomy registration for a Taxonomy managed by OrganizeWP, add the following to your active theme’s functions.php:

Note: this code snippet has been customized for a Taxonomy named authors</code. You will need to customize your filter tag to include the Taxonomy you would like to work with.

// Customize the registration args for the 'author' taxonomy.
add_filter( 'organizewp_taxonomy_args_author', function( $args ) {
// $args contains all of the taxonomy registration arguments.
// TODO: modify $args to meet your needs.
return $args;
} );
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Parameter Type Description
$args Array

All Taxonomy registration arguments for the applicable Taxonomy

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