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One of the most powerful features of OrganizeWP is the ability to drag-and-drop to position your content. The entire site outline created by OrganizeWP has been enhanced with drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to not only sort your pages, but also your Custom Post Types as well!

Please note that only post types managed by OrganizeWP (using the Post Types settings) can be moved anywhere within the site structure. Post types that have been registered elsewhere can be sorted at their current level, but not moved outside that level.

Having the ability to drag and drop post types themselves will greatly improve your ability to take full advantage of Custom Post Types in WordPress. What’s even more unique is that Custom Post Types managed by OrganizeWP can ‘nest’ themselves with Pages, inheriting that URL structure.

In the animation above you can see that the FAQ Custom Post Type has been given a URL that matches its position in the outline, within the Support section of the website. This not only makes it easier to manage the content itself, it also benefits your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as well by having a semantically powerful permalink for your Custom Post Type entries!

You can also use drag and drop to move content into your standalone page groups; content can be dragged in or out of groups to help facilitate organizing your site content.

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