How to create Post Types and Taxonomies

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Custom Post Types and Taxonomies are one of WordPress’ most powerful features. Using Custom Post Types you can segment your content based on its unique features, and interact with that content using WordPress’ friendly API.

While Custom Post Types are a big reason for the success of WordPress, they also require some technical know-how which presents a learning curve that keeps some site owners away from fully taking advantage of what they have to offer.

OrganizeWP considers Custom Post Types and Taxonomies an integral way to best organize your content. Using OrganizeWP you can register your own post types and taxonomies without writing a line of code!

OrganizeWP makes it easy to position Custom Post Types in the context of their use; in the above animation a Custom Post Type is being registered to house all of the content for the various Locations for this company. The content of the Custom Post Type is related to its parent Page (called Locations) and with OrganizeWP we can take this one step further!

OrganizeWP allows you to merge a Custom Post Type with its parent, and in doing so replicating the implementation on the front end of your site: a Page to act as the basis for a set of content, and applicable actions to manage the entries for that content:

This powerful feature allows for a much more organized presentation of your site content, making it easier to maintain for you and your team!

There are other ways to register and work with Custom Post Types and Taxonomies within WordPress, but OrganizeWP makes it less intimidating and also incorporates additional features as well!

Declutter your WordPress Admin, instantly!

Be empowered when editing your content instead of feeling lost, spend more time on more important things. Get organized today!

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