How to organize landing pages

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Landing pages are a very important part of any website. Unfortunately these standalone pages are often part of ever-changing experiments (e.g. changing titles) and can quickly clutter up the listing of pages on your site. WordPress is not exempt from this problem. OrganizeWP provides a solution.

OrganizeWP provides you with a main site outline that is based on the overall structure of your site (the Pages) but standalone landing pages can make that outline overwhelming and even confusing. When viewing OrganizeWP’s content outline, you can quickly reorganize all of your landing pages into their own groups:

For landing pages this is the best of both worlds; you can have full control over the URLs for your landing pages, and they’re contained in their own groups outside of your main site outline to help draw the important line between the two.

Declutter your WordPress Admin, instantly!

Be empowered when editing your content instead of feeling lost, spend more time on more important things. Get organized today!

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