How to speed up content management

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The overarching goal of OrganizeWP is to organize your content in such a way that it speeds up the editing process for you, and in doing so saves you money, time, and frustration.

A major feature of OrganizeWP is grouping all of your content into a unified, drag-and-drop powered site outline that encompasses all of your Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types. It also facilitates managing your Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in such a way that they can be directly integrated into the outline.

OrganizeWP directly integrates Custom Post Type entries and also adds instant search to your entire site from within its unified content management area:

The ability to instantly search the titles of all your site content (Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types) allows editors to find content within seconds. If a title isn’t known, you’re able to navigate post type entries without leaving a single screen.

Declutter your WordPress Admin, instantly!

Be empowered when editing your content instead of feeling lost, spend more time on more important things. Get organized today!

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