Post Type Actions

For each Post Type, OrganizeWP implements controls to bulk add content and access all associated taxonomies with ease.

Bulk Add Content

OrganizeWP bulk add content

When adding multiple entries to a WordPress site it can become especially tedious. OrganizeWP’s bulk content addition allows you to add as many (structured, if applicable) entries to any post type extremely quickly. This is supremely useful when scaffolding out a new site build, for instance.

You’re able to define the position of the group of entries you’re adding, the structure of the entries by using a straightforward dash prefix to denote the relationship of the entries, and also the status of the group of entries you’re adding.


OrganizeWP post type actions

OrganizeWP includes direct links to associated taxonomies for applicable Post Types, making it easy to manage those taxonomy terms if and when you need to, without having those links take up valuable space at all times.

Default Post Type List Screen

Below any applicable Taxonomy links, OrganizeWP also includes a link to the core WordPress list table Admin screen for applicable post types. This link comes in handy should you need to utilize some piece of functionality that is only available on that default screen.