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OrganizeWP creates a Content entry in the WordPress Admin Menu that encapsulates all of the content on your website. Much like the Pages screen of the WordPress Administration Area, OrganizeWP provides a hierarchical view to make it easy to locate content. Unlike the Pages screen, OrganizeWP also includes your Post Types that are normally abstracted into the Admin Menu.

Many times having a Post Type represented in the Admin Menu causes confusion, especially when a Post Type is represented within a Page or as a child of a Page. OrganizeWP makes this much more clear by consolidating everything into a single outline view.

Hovering any of the items in the outline will provide contextual Actions for that item, allowing you to view, edit, or manage that content and associated Taxonomy terms:

You can also drag and drop any item (including Post Types managed by OrganizeWP) in the outline to adjust the Menu Order of that item:

When a Post Type (that is managed by OrganizeWP) is relocated (i.e. dropped as a child of a Page) applicable Post Type configuration parameters are updated automatically. Please note: Post Types that are not managed by OrganizeWP can be sorted to a new position, but cannot change hierarchical level.

Searching and Filtering

At the top of the OrganizeWP outline and Post Type Entry screens there is a search field and Post Status drop-down. These fields can be used to quickly sift through your content to find the entry you’d like to manage. Searching applies to the post title only at this time.

Please note: Searching and filtering applies to all of your content including all Post Type entries making it very easy to quickly find a particular entry you’re seeking out.

Landing Pages

Content entries can be dragged and dropped as part of a Landing Page Group. You can crate as many Landing Page Groups as you’d like, and there is no limit as to how much content can be part of any particular Landing Page Group. This organization is facilitated by a non-public Taxonomy which allows content to remain at its original URL but be omitted from the main site outline.

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